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1 Nov 2020 -

23 Oct 2020 -
If you're having trouble opening the client please follow these steps: 1. Open Trashformers...

If you're having trouble opening the client please follow these steps:

1. Open Trashformers folder

2. Open Bin

3. Open client

If you want to create a shortcut just right click the client and add shortcut.

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1.11.2020 -
A Sneak peak of custom spawns!
Author: [GOD] Trolling

Get those grim leech wings whenever you want! mana imbue spawn!



Need some more crit in your life?? get it


Kill that coin purse for all your spending needs!



Not your usual lucky charms kinda day! here you go and good luck room 6 is a doosey!






If you have any questions msg [GOD] Trolling, GM Mikeh, or GM Madfat in game or on discord and we will help you with all your home purchasing needs!

1.11.2020 -
A Few of the buffed/added spawns!
Author: [GOD] Trolling

Come fight the good fight!

undead dragons with a bite!

Nightmare isles, am i right?


a little hell flayer action!

Death library!


-4 deeper banuta!!

1.11.2020 -
custom houses
Author: [GOD] Trolling

Here on trashformers we offer custom houses!


All houses come with a basement that isn't included in the original 200 sgm size of the house.  House will also include your very own NPC and depo.

In the basement we can place custom teleports that can take you any where in tibia. Any place you hate running to we can make your life easier with a custom teleport.

For example:

Want to camp the falcon mini bosses? 2 seconds later you can be looking off the top of the falcon bastion ready to loot some bad ass gear!!

Ready to hunt asura palace but hate the long walk to get there? One min you can be in your basement and the next you can be standing in front of Asura Palace!! 

Lulu a pain in the ass to get to? Just hop in your teleport and you can be safely there!

Fire library seem risky running inside without your team? We have the solution! A custom teleport can have you sitting on a couch in the blink of an eye.


We also have many custom spawns available if you buy yourself a custom house!

example custom spawns are: 


Charming can be a pain in the ass. We've all done it more than once. Here on Trashformers you can get a charm spawn and have access to 9+ spawns with assorted mobs in mass to help speed up and charm lots of monsters at once!

Imbu items can be expensive! On Trashformers you can get yourself custom Imbu spawns! Purchase a imbuement spawn filled with monsters that drop all three items  needed for specific imbuement! ie: Mana leech, life leech, etc...


Broke ? need cash now? get you a coin purse spawn and watch your bank account over flow! 


Charm spawn- any imbuement spawn you would like - Coin purse for all your spending needs! if you have any other request we can discuss them 


if you are interested and /or have any question msg [GOD] Trolling, GM Drama, GM Mikeh, or GM Madfat in game or on discord and we will help you with all your home purchasing needs!



1.11.2020 -
Author: [GOD] Trolling

1.11.2020 -
Author: [GOD] Trolling

Hello new adventurers and welcome to Trashformers! On this server you will be playing on the tibia maps you've grown to know and love! Here we have lots of little and big gameplay changes!!! For example - shorter boss timers, higher exp and loot rates, and buffed spawns! That's just a few of the many changes. We will be adding new content as often as we can and I will do my best to update here as often as I can, however we do have a discord that is updated more frequently.


 Current projects  to keep an eye out for:

1. custom fishing

2. custom housing with custom teleports

3. custom weapons/equipment/spells

4. new quests 

5. monthly world events


 Come hang out in the discord, chat with us,  and good luck on your journey!

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